Football Food!

My boyfriend is a huge football fan (soccer to you Americans!) and I can honestly say I don’t give a damn about it! However, as I love him so dearly I am attempting to show an interest. The way I plan to take interest? By providing food of course! I absolutely adore cooking so it is a way to incorporate something I love with something he loves. I will probably have to watch the game in between bringing him food (unfortunately) but what’s a girl to do? So here are the few of the things I plan on making for a football match. British football food is terrible (chip butties = ew) so there are a few american classics in here.
These are super cute mini cheese corn dogs (above) or a combination of corn dogs and cheese-on-a-stick (below). I’ve never tried a corn dog so I am excited to give one of these a try!
Courtesy of The Pioneer Woman
Courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats


I have never had Chick-fil-A bites but these sure look good! (above). And look at these Cheesy Potato wedges! I’m drooling (below)
Courtesy of Oh So Delicioso!


Do you have any favourite food to eat during football, or any sports events? How do I become a football lover? If you have the answer please tell me!!!
P.S. What’s the offside rule??
 – Alice




ImageEver since I was little I have wanted to be 25. People describe childhood and teenage years as the best time of your life but personally I don’t agree. There are three things I want to be most; a teacher, a mother and a wife. These are things I believe I was born to be and since I have no plans to get married or have a baby any time soon I just have to hang on until I’m 25. So hang fancy around with me?

– Alice